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In less than 3 weeks I'll be stuffing my life for the next 7 months into a suitcase and adventuring off to Europe -- Round 2. I decided it was time to move abroad again (I guess I didn't get enough the first time --in Prague 2013/14)...I'm so ready for the next chapter of my life!

I'll be moving to Reims, France -- the region known for it's champagne... YES! I'll be teaching English, and snapping photos of every region of France I can lay my eyes on --- and of course any other country/place I can get to in my time off. I'll actually be making a stop in Norway on my way over to France, because...why not? I got my round trip flight to France for less than $700 including my stop in Norway... can't really beat that. I'll have to write a blog about how to get cheap flight deals!

Well, until next time --

À Bientôt - "See you soon"

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